Inferno Season 3 Features






Inferno Season 3 is a HUGE release!

A total revamp of all areas of the server - including the server icons!

It's such a huge revamp that we're dedicating this area of our website to it so that you don't have to scroll through posts and posts of Discord notices on our Discord Server!

Announcements on Monday:

  • Our epic new Spawn and huge PvP Arena!
  • Casinos
  • Envoys + KoTH
  • Future of Bosses

Announcements on Tuesday:

  • Custom Enchants
  • Mob Absorbers
  • Island Team Chat

Announcements on Wednesday:



As you may have seen by the time you view this, the trailer has been released and it is definitely our best one yet! It really represents how feature-full Inferno S3 is and how game changing it should be for everyone, especially the efforts put into optimising the server for a larger audience.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer. You can see it near the top of this page if you haven't yet!


Tomorrow, Inferno S3 will open to all users for a 2 day "Beta" testing period, where you can test our new features and find bugs to be squashed before the release on Saturday.

While we have spent many hours testing the new features ourselves to ensure they're as bug free as possible - even appointing Joker as our testing manager recently - we need you to help us test the features on a larger scale.

Consequently the Beta will be open to everyone.

In the past we released to the highest ranks earlier as they had more opportunities to test faster than others with kits including crate keys for example, but this release requires more testing than any other before.

Key Notices:

  • The Beta Server WILL RESET before release. It will close late on Friday.
  • Certain bugs may not be fixed until after the Beta, please avoid reporting multiple times.
  • Bugs should be reported via a Discord Ticket, and you should include instructions on how to carry out the bug (recreate it).
  • Any Inferno purchases during the Beta will be resent on release e.g. Crate Keys or Ranks.
  • Misbehaviour will be punished as usual, excessive bug exploiting for example - or failing to report a bug that you are able to replicate.

So why should I play the beta if it resets?

This may be an obvious disadvantage, but this is easily outweighed by the advantages of the beta.

1) It gives us an opportunity to spot bugs that may delay release, or cause issues after release before the release has taken place

2) You can adapt yourself and your team to the new revamp which is a significant advantage at the start of a season.

3) The server resets in case any game-breaking bugs appear, or exploits that could ruin the economy are exploited.

We do expect bugs, and we are aware of some already. Fixing most bugs can be done by the release date, so we hope you do join us before Saturday.


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Let's start with our new builds! Why not? It's the first thing you'll see when you spawn anyway.

We've got new builds for our spawn and our PvP and we think it works amazingly together!

The PvP Arena is now underneath spawn, accessed by a drop down area or jumping off the side, so you don't have to hop from world to world so much if you're a keen PvPer! (You don't take fall damage if you're worried about that!)

See the photos above for some of the views! (The spawn looks tiny - but it's the perfect size - it's just a huge PvP area!)


The Crate area is new and fresh as you can see in the photos above, you can also see our new crates - and one of them opening on the far-right. The amount of Crate Keys you have are displayed on top of the crate and you simply right click the crate to open it. Crates have had some major internal work and the rewards should be of more significant value to you now. Changes to Monthly Crates will be announced later in the week, and it'll make sense why there has not been a July Monthly Crate thus far.


One of our key new features has taken a place at spawn too - Casinos!

We've felt for too long that the current gambling system is unfair, outdated (It hasn't been updated in TWO YEARS!) and can be biased (eg if 5 team members join and 1 member from another team joins a jackpot then there's a 5/6 chance of group of people gaining the money from 1 person). That gambling system has been removed - and this is a much more exciting alternative.

Casinos are in little booths on the right hand side of spawn as you spawn in. At a Casino, you right click the jukebox with your coin to begin rolling. You need 3 matching blocks in each item frame to win anything in the Casino's Jackpot, the blocks consist of Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks, Emerald Blocks and Diamond Blocks. Every Coin adds a certain amount of money to the machine depending on which Casino you are using - there are different Casinos that certain ranks can access, and each one has a different value to the Casino Coin that you spin with. e.g. Anyone with Grand or below use the Member-Grand Casino where every coin adds $45k to the Jackpot. Whoever matches the 3 blocks wins any money in the Casino machine.

To use a Casino machine you need a Casino Coin, you do not pay any money to roll the machine - a better alternative to the current jackpots which can screw over new players. You can get Casino Coins in many places - Envoys and Crates mainly but we plan to add them into Voting and potentially add them into the market to buy with Coins. Oh yes, that's another change - OreCoins, CropCoins and MobCoins are now called Coins for simplicity - and BoosterCoins have been renamed BoosterGems to avoid confusion with Coins. There's another reason for this coming later in the week... (and ALSO you can get Coins in Crates :D)

Casino Coins are worth from $45,000 to $150,000 depending on your rank - note that many features of ranks have been rebalanced and this is one of the buffs coming to ranks. Kits containing lower level enchantments (giving more power to members) may be seen as a nerf so this is one of the steps in place to retain the value of ranks during the season.

See the photos above for a view of Casinos.


Envoys have also had a complete overhaul!

They now contain Armor, Weapons, Coins, Money, CasinoCoins and more! And with the kit changes to lower level enchantments (Max of Prot 7/8) we've put up to Protection 5 Armor in the Envoy Crates, for example, to make envoys more rewarding than ever before!


We've decided to remove Bosses for the foreseeable future until we create our own event plugins for both KoTHs and Bosses. This decision has not been taken lightly but we feel it's an area of the server that's full of missed opportunities and glitches that cannot remain in it's current position. They will be reimplemented, likely by the end of the year.

That's all the information for today! We'll be back tomorrow for more!

CUSTOM ENCHANTS, Mob Absorbers and Team Chat

Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants have been an area of the server requiring major bug fixes since we upgraded to 1.13 in February.

We've gone through two plugins since this time, and while the one in use on Arctic S3 has been suitable to a certain extent, Inferno S2's plugin was horrendously unsupported days after the season began; bug fixes were completed but not released until after many people had left Inferno S2. Arctic S3's start also had major issues with custom enchants, just looking at /ce info for example gave you an idea of how using "Beta" releases for 1.13 support was not ideal.

However, the response when we changed from our usual custom enchant plugin to the one on Inferno was one of distaste with the enchantments, so we wanted to patch the bugs, take a large amount of control over the bugs present and also create some fancy new features for you guys in the process.

We're using Arctic S3's plugin, but we've only kept the actual enchantments - meaning we've got our own menus for /ce info (Which is now /enchants!) and /ce. We've also redone the way Success Chance works, and we've removed the Destroy Chance (The one that has a chance of destroying the item you are applying the enchant on).

To upgrade your Success Chance you simply right click while holding an enchant "Shard", what books are called now, and then you select how much you want to upgrade the chance from the menu with each upgrade having a certain XP cost. You can also view the Shard's information in this menu. No more messing with "Angel Dust"!

There has been some rebalancing of course, so some enchants may not go as high and GKits have been reworked for the new enchant levels. More information on GKits will be on the store soon.

If you do experience any bugs/glitches let us know and we can (probably) fix them, for once!

Check out the photos below for some visual aids of what I've just described.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Mob Absorbers

How could I go through this week without talking about Mob Absorbers?

Mob Absorbers have actually been a large drag on server performance since they were implemented on Arctic. They've also had many issues since we abandoned a stacking plugin a couple months ago (This was before LavishStacker was implemented!), and that has lead to calculation issues when working out what you are owed, sometimes giving more, sometimes less than what you have actually earned.

This meant we had to postpone a project due to come on release until the start of August and work on Mob Absorbers - and we've had a brilliant result!

Recoded Mob Absorbers, or Mob Absorbers V2, have a ton of useful new features to prevent bugs, or increase your productivity!

  • They now sell Mob Drops (Mainly a problem with Snowmen who died in water before reaching the Absorber)
  • They reject items that aren't sellable, and leave them for you to pickup (People often died near their Absorber due to the spawners around and items would be removed from existance by the Absorber)
  • Upgrades now work and they're per Island rather than per Player, this means you can collaborate with your team members!
  • More information about your Absorber inside the menu
  • Full LavishStacker support for Stacked Mobs and Stacked Items!
  • Fun Bounce effect to prevent you falling inside the portal and ending up in the end (Really, try this! They're basically trampolines!)

As you can see this is a great update to one of our most appreciated features on Lavish Isles!

We very much hope this helps you in some way, or just provides buckets full of fun with that trampoline!

Island Team Chat

Another highly requested feature since we upgraded to 1.13 is Island Team Chat, as we moved from one Skyblock plugin to another during the transition and the new plugin did not have this feature built in (and still doesn't). Therefore we've developed our own!

What is Island Team Chat?

Island Team Chat is a way of communicating with people only on your island in a separate chat from normal chat.

When you have it enabled, anything you send in chat will only be shown to your island team (island members).

You can enable or disable it using /is tc (It'll flick through the options the more you run it)

If you don't want to enable it to chat, then disable it again, you can simply send a message using /is tc (message) and that'll be sent to your team. You also receive messages from your team members, even if you aren't in team chat mode.

We now encourage you to make an Island name. This name is similar to when you create a faction in Factions and have to set a name for your Faction before starting your adventure, while this is not needed on Skyblock.

If you don't have an Island name, everytime you chat to your team members [Default] or [Unknown] may appear infront of your messages, that's why we've included a little tip if you don't have a custom island name on how to get one (it's simply /is setname (name).

You can see the team chat in action below!

That's all for Tuesday's announcements, see you soon!

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Generators Part 1 and SPawners

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This is exciting! Arguably more important than Minions, it's Generators!

Finally, we can reveal the "3rd Aspect to the Economy" that I've rumoured for a while now - and that has been in planning since we removed CropSeeds after Arctic S2.

CropSeeds, if you don't remember or weren't here, were blocks that you placed on your island and then waited a few hours to harvest to gain a CropCoin. Yes! This was the way CropCoins were obtained back then! Unfortunately, it was no-doubt the most problematic plugin on the server due to it's popularity and being unable to optimise the plugin for larger capacities after release. It was such an issue that server reboots took 10 minutes or more, just to save the THOUSANDS of CropSeeds placed all over people's islands.

What was the problem?

1) There were too many, they couldn't be stacked on top of each other or even upgraded.

2) They were using a second format, e.g. 86400s rather than 24 hours

3) Much needed fixes couldn't take place because it would corrupt all existing CropSeeds

Generators are similar to the idea of CropSeeds but very different.

What are Generators?

Generators are structures that you can place on your Island. They're not just 1 block like CropSeeds were, they have animations and a useful hologram displaying the generating time in a Hour:Minute:Second format.

They generate "Metals", but not Minecraft metals like Iron, they generate: Copper, Aluminium, Silver, Cobalt and Platinum

Metals are needed to create higher metals (the list above is in order of their values). These Metals will be tradable in /market for Coins - this is the new way of getting Coins we talked about above!

Generations take an amount of time and produce a certain amount of the metal every generation - this depends on the upgrades applied to the generator. Every time a Generation is complete, you must collect the metal and pay a cost (Copper is free), to receive the metal. Normal generations take 10 minutes, as the upgrades are higher this can up to 20 minutes and even further to 8 hours, saving you time while producing the same amount of metal.

Generators can be upgraded to generate more metal, generate more metal in a larger space of time (meaning you don't have to collect the metals as often) or increase the amount of a generator type (e.g. Cobalt Generators) on an Island. All upgrades cost Coins, and there are so many upgrades that should take you a very long time to complete - like challenges in themselves.

The structure on your Island can be right clicked to open a Generator Menu, similar to Minions and Mob Absorbers. This menu controls your generator, it contains all the information about it, has upgrade areas, an option to pick up the generator and also the collect button which you'll be using to gain from the generator.

Most importantly - you don't have to be online for the generator to keep counting down - less need for AFKing!

We have done tests with hundreds of generators and they should not create lag like CropSeeds did in the past, every part has been carefully thought out with server performance in mind.

There's more to see with Generators, we'll let you make discoveries while you play!


While, this update to spawners, isn't huge but it does help your FPS and the server's TPS, while giving you better use of your Island Space.

With the release of LavishStacker, you can see that we've been aiming to create a fully optimised server that can handle expansion very well. LavishStacker will now integrate into LavishSpawners to change the way Spawners work.

Currently, 1 Spawner has a 16 second delay. If you add a 2nd Spawner into the stack, that delay becomes 8 seconds. The maximum in 1 stack on Arctic S3 is 10 Spawners, that's 1 mob every 1.6 seconds, adding up to 10 mobs every 16 seconds.

The new system recognises the amount of spawners in the stack, then spawns one stack of mobs every 16 seconds depending on that amount. So 10 Spawners in a Spawner Stack will create 10 Mobs in 1 Stack every 16 seconds which improves the amount of mobs you load (your FPS) and the amount of entities the server has to deal with (our TPS/server lag).

Now, it's much easier for spawners to work with higher amounts of spawners in 1 stack so the amount of spawners you can place on top of each other (of the same mob type) is 100!

I hope this is good news for the islands that struggle to keep a clean grinder due to amount of spawners placed.

That's all for Wednesday - don't forget to check out the beta tomorrow!